ANSI/IEEE Std 1042-1987 - IEEE Guide to Software Configuration Management

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ANSI/IEEE Std 1042-1987
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The guide provides guidance in planning software configuration management (SCM) practices that are compatible with ANSI/IEEE Std 828-1983, IEEE Standard for Software Configuration Management Plans. Three groups are served by this guide: developers of software, software management community, and those responsible for preparation of SCM plans. The developers of software will be interested in the different ways SCM can be used to support the software engineering process. The management community will be interested in how the SCM plan can be tailored to the needs and resources of a project. Those preparing plans for SCM will be interested in the suggestions and examples for preparation of a plan. The introduction of this guide presents a technical and philosophical overview of the SCM planning process. Subsequent paragraphs in the body of the guide contain general statements of principles, commentary on issues to consider, and lessons learned for the corresponding paragraph in the outline of the ANSI/IEEE Std 828-1983 Plan. Four Appendixes illustrate how the ANSI/IEEE Std 828-1983 can be used for a variety of different projects. A fifth Appendix lists current references that may be useful in planning SCM.

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