Defence Procurement Policy Manual

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Defence Procurement Policy Manual System

The DPPM is the primary reference document for all Defence and DMO officials involved in the procurement process. Unless otherwise specified, a reference to Defence should be interpreted as a reference to Defence and the DMO. The General Manager Commercial DMO (GM Com) is the sponsoring authority for the DPPM as the whole of Defence Business Policy Owner for procurement policy and procurement professionalisation. Within the Office of Special Counsel, the DPPM is maintained by the Directorate of Commercial Policy with assistance from a wide range of specialist areas (which are listed on its website). The guidance provided in the DPPM incorporates mandatory procurement policy drawn from the higher level Commonwealth or Defence procurement guidance, in particular the CPRs. These requirements are mandatory for all Defence officials. The format of DPPM chapters is being progressively updated to highlight mandatory procurement policy at the start of each chapter. Obligations which must be complied with, in all circumstances, are denoted by the use of the term ‘must’ within the mandatory policy section at the beginning of each chapter. The use of the term ‘should’ denotes matters of best practice.

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The Department of Defence is the largest procurement agency in the Commonwealth and is responsible for some of Australia’s largest and most complex procurement activities. Defence engages with industry to deliver these procurement outcomes in order to support the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Procurement is a core Defence function which makes a vital contribution to departmental and ADF capability. It comes as no surprise, then, to realise that procurement policy and practice is an important foundation of our operations, particularly within the Defence Materiel Organisation.

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