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2.3.4. Top-Level Integrated Schedule
A top-level integrated master schedule should be included in the Acquisition Strategy that focuses on the current phase, but also projects the entire life cycle of the program. Two schedule figures may be used as it is useful to have one for the current phase, and a second one for the entire life cycle.
The schedule should be reflective of event-based planning. If the planning is schedule-driven then an explanation and rationale should be provided. Event-driven is the preferred schedule planning method for the Department.
The schedule should tie together the major events of the program including: major milestones, procurement events, technical reviews, testing events and prototype or product deliveries. Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) Top-Level Integrated Schedule
When preparing an Acquisition Strategy for EMD the document should focus primarily on the EMD phase, but include the life cycle to disposal and a short summary of past events.
The EMD Acquisition Strategy must be approved by the MDA prior to final EMD Request for Proposals (RFP) release per DoD Instruction 5000.02 and should show the approval date for the CDD, and the completion dates for prior systems engineering Technical Reviews (e.g. SRR, SFR, and PDR) were completed. EMD activities that should be identified include: contract events such as contract definitization, planned exercising of contract line item numbers, Integrated Baseline Review (IBR), and future contract events in preparation for the Production and Deployment (P&D) phase such as the RFP for which an Acquisition Strategy update should be approved systems engineering technical reviews appropriate in the EMD phase include the Critical Design Review (mandated at the system level) and followed by the mandated Post-CDR Report and MDA-chaired Assessment, the Test Readiness Review, Physical Configuration Audit, System Verification Review, and Production Readiness Review.
Other key acquisition events and information such as technology demonstrations, prototypes, plans to demonstrate product support capabilities and/or long lead contract activities. Additionally, the schedule should include projected Milestone C information including CPD initiation and approval, development of the Production and Deployment phase Acquisition Strategy; the Test and Evaluation Master Plan, and Systems Engineering Plan, etc.

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