The process of obtaining products (goods) and services, usually through contract.

Acquisition-VV&A Guide (USDOD)

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Office of Government Commerce (OGC)


From Wikipedia: Office of Government Commerce:

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is an independent office of Her Majesty's Treasury, a department of state in the government of the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the OGC is to support the procurement and acquisition process of public sector organisations in the UK through policy and process guidance and the negotiation of overarching service and provision frameworks. This is intended to improve value for money to the taxpayer, optimising the level of taxpayers equity directed towards the delivery of services.

OGC supports initiatives that encourage better supplier relations, sustainable procurement, the benefits of utilising smaller suppliers and the potential of eProcurement. Representing the UK at the European Union (EU) the organisation assists the public sector application of EU procurement rules within the United Kingdom.


Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)


From Wikipedia: Defence Materiel Organisation:

The Defence Materiel Organisation ('DMO') is the Australian Government agency responsible for the acquisition, through-life support and disposal of equipment for the Australian Defence Force. The DMO is part of the Australian Department of Defence, and manages the acquisition and support of a diverse range of materiel (equipment), including aircraft, ships, vehicles, electronic systems, uniforms and rations.

DMO was formed in 2000 when the then Defence Acquisition Organisation merged with Support Command Australia, bringing together the Department of Defence's capital acquisition and logistics organisations into a single entity.