Acquisition Logistics for the Rest of Us- An Assessment Tool from A to IOC

Keywords acquisition acquisition logistics logistics

The following are fundamental to a successful acquisition logistics program:

1. Logistics planning is part of the systems engineering process and cannot be accomplished independently
2. Development of a detailed, supportable Logistics Funding and Requirements Summary is necessary to establish and retain logistics funding
3. Supportability requirements are specified as an integral elements of a performance specification for a total system solution to program requirements
4. Requirements and Maintainability engineering are cornerstones of a successful logistics program
5. Logistics requirements must be included in the contract to ensure logistics success
6. Failure to comply with Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Requirements could delay a program from proceeding to the next milestone regardless of the 'goodness' of the other logistics elements
7. Diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages must be identified early in the program in order to be successfully managed
8. Conduct logistics assessments during the same time frame as design reviews so issues affecting logistics can be addressed

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