DoD Handbook- Guidance for Acquisition of Training Data Products and Services (Part 1 of 5 Parts)

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4.1 General guidance.
This section provides general guidance applicable to RFPs for training data products and related services. The RFP defines the Government’s requirements and constitutes the cornerstone of the program, as it ultimately shapes the resultant contract. Consult with your contracting officer whenever specific procurement information is needed.

4.2 Options for preparing the Statement of Work.
The following paragraphs discuss preparing a RFP with a SOO or SOW. The SOO is how the government requires the offer or to
submit a SOW and DD Form 1423, Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) as part of the proposal. When a SOO is not used the Government will submit a SOW and CDRL(s) as part of the RFP.

4.2.1 SOO concept.
The SOO is a Government prepared document incorporated into the RFP that states the overall RFP objectives. It is provided in the RFP instead of a Government written SOW. The SOO can be used to provide the maximum flexibility to each offeror to propose an innovative development approach to satisfy the objectives. Offerors use the RFP, product performance requirements, and SOO as a basis for preparing their proposals which will include a SOW and CDRL(s). NOTE: The SOO is not retained as a contract compliance item.

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1.1 Scope.
This part of the handbook provides guidance to Department of Defense (DoD) personnel on the procurement of training data products and services. This handbook is intended for guidance only. This handbook cannot be cited as a requirement. If it is, the contractor does not have to comply.

1.1.1 Acquisition guidance.
This part of the handbook provides guidance to DoD personnel on preparing a Request For Proposals (RFP) and evaluating RFP responses. The handbook provides tools for the RFP writer to collect essential information about a contractor’s management and development processes for training. It also includes tailoring guidance for the Performance Specification, Training Data Products (MIL-PRF-29612), and related Data Item Descriptions (DID), DI-SESS-81517B through 81527B.

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