Procedures for the Acquisition and of Management of Technical Data

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DL1.1.27. Tailoring of Data Requirements. Tailoring is the process of focusing
on obtaining only minimum essential technical data and data rights.

Tailoring data requirements shall consist of reducing the scope of an approved DID or source document, by specifying in block 16 of the DD Form 1423 those portions of the DID, or other data acquisition document, which are or are not applicable to the specific acquisition.

DL1.1.28. Technical Data. As used in this Manual, the term technical data has the same meaning as the term data. (When used in reference to rights in data and computer software, the term technical data means recorded information of a technical or scientific nature.

The term does not include computer software or data incidental to contract administration such as financial or management information.)

DL1.1.29. Technical Data Package (TDP). A technical description of an item
adequate for supporting an acquisition strategy, which defines the required design configuration and procedures to ensure adequacy of item performance. It consists of all applicable technical data such as drawings, associated lists, specifications, standards, performance requirements, QA provisions, and packaging details.

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