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Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) evolved in industry as an outgrowth of efforts
such as Concurrent Engineering to improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness in a global
economy. In May 1995, consistent with the Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to implement best
commercial practices, the Secretary of Defense directed "a fundamental change in the way the
Department acquires goods and services. The concepts of IPPD and Integrated Product Teams
(IPTs) shall be applied throughout the acquisition process to the maximum extent practicable."
During the summer of 1995, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) surveyed over 80
government and industry organizations regarding their IPPD policies and practices. Using those
survey results, OSD published the DoD Guide to Integrated Product and Process Development
(Version 1.0), dated February 5, 1996 (hereinafter called the DoD Guide to IPPD). The DoD Guide
to IPPD was developed to provide a general understanding of DoD’s perspective on IPPD.

In March 1996, DoD published major rewrites of DoD Directive 5000.1, Defense Acquisition
Directive, and DoD Instruction 5000.2now DoD Regulation 5000.2-R, Mandatory Procedures for
Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS)
Acquisition Programs. The 5000.1 Directive states policies and principles for the management of
all DoD acquisition programs and identifies the Department’s key acquisition officials and forums.

It repeats the Secretary of Defense’s dictum to implement IPPD and IPTs “to the maximum extent
practicable.” The 5000.2-R regulation describes the DoD acquisition process for MDAPs and
MAIS acquisition programs incorporating IPPD principles. It defines IPPD as—

A management technique that simultaneously integrates all essential acquisition activities
through the use of multidisciplinary teams to optimize the design, manufacturing and
supportability processes. IPPD facilitates meeting cost and performance objectives from
product concept through production, including field support. One of the key IPPD tenets is
multidisciplinary teamwork through Integrated Product Teams (IPTs).

This handbook expands upon the government and industry guidance provided in the DoD Guide to
IPPD by providing suggestions and examples of specific ways to implement IPPD. Like the DoD
Guide to IPPD, it is non-directive. It suggests solutions to difficulties that might be encountered in
IPPD implementation and explains tools and techniques that can be used throughout a product’s life
cycle. It is not, however, an in-depth application manual for specific tools, nor does it attempt to
cover all of the tools available—only representative ones from many different categories. The
reader, once aware of such tools and their significance, can perform further research using the links
(Internet World Wide Web URLs or addresses and phone numbers) that are included in this
handbook as sources of additional or updated information.

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