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DoD Enterprise Architecting: Joint Issues Derived From SOF Air Analysis

[document] Submitted on 13 August, 2019 - 10:20
Keywords DoD DoD Enterprise Architecting: Joint Issues Derived From SOF Air Analysis
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Military architectures/systems/personnel tend to focus:
on either operational level or tactical level, not both
Operational Level:
- Focused on major operations and providing the means by
which tactical successes are exploited
- Parts of Air Operations Center, Major Headquarters
Tactical Level:
- Focused on battles and engagements
- Squadron, Aircraft, Airman, Soldier

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The Architecture Team
- Lack of experience in the domain = architecting pain
- Need for an available network of SMEs (still in the field)
? Common Lexicon
- All users of the architecture must understand the
? Process Ownership
- When establishing an enterprise wide operational
architect, there needs to be a boss
? Appropriate Abstraction
- Architect at the highest level of abstraction which provides
the most insight for the user

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