Quality, productivity, consistency: Driving up IT delivery capability in HMRC

Keywords quality productivity consistency driving up IT delivery capability in HMRC hmrc hm revenue and customs
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Our People Journey
We have maintained a real focus on helping our people through this journey. They are our key asset, and the CDP is a commitment to them and their skills
We have created and communicated a vision for how the CDP will help IT Solutions. We have involved staff at every step along the way, through formal and informal channels, using change agent networks and structured communications and engagement plans
We have delivered dozens of training courses to both front-line staff and management, and have touched almost every member of staff with CDP training
We have built ownership for the processes within the workforce, establishing HMRC process owners, training trainers and creating an SME network
We have empowered staff to continuously improve the processes and ways of working, encouraging them to engage with and own the processes as their own

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