WARSIM 2000: A Case for Technological Subject Matter Experts

Keywords WARSIM 2000: A Case for Technological Subject Matter Experts Constructive and virtual simulations subject matter experts requirements specification
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This larger system is known as the Joint Simulation System (JSMIS) [1]. Joint operations are those that include two or more service components of the Department of Defense. At first, JSMIS was intended to be a tool designed particularly for use by joint staffs, but in 1998 JSIMS subsumed WARSIM and several other developmental systems. The resulting system specification covered the staggeringly complex domain of military operations—on land, at sea and in the air—with varying levels of detail.

In December 2002, the Office of the Secretary of Defense issued a directive to cancel JSIMS and ordered the JSIMS program manager to close his office by the end of September 2003. The basis of this directive was delays in development and cost overruns [2]. According to the JSIMS program manager, Army Brigadier General Stephen Seay, systems development also was plagued by issues of system integration and level of detail representation [3]. Since our intent is to address the requirements specification process and how it can be improved by using WARSIM as an example, further treatment of JSIMS, its requirements, and functionality are beyond the scope of this paper.
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