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To reach this point in the process, the new chapter must have the commitment of 10 or more INCOSE members. INCOSE considers this an appropriate membership base to host an Organizational Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to build the foundation upon which the Chapter will exist. The decisions made in this meeting are used to complete the Chapter Charter Application discussed in the final step.
Select a convenient site and time for the Organizational Meeting. As with the earlier Informational Meetings, finding a host for the location and light refreshment will make the meeting more attractive to potential members. Establish a procedure for publicizing this and future meetings (e-mail if possible, postal mail or telephone if not.). One source of invitees is the attendees from the Informational Meetings. Maintaining the list of members, potential members and other contacts will become the primary duty of your Membership Chair.
In addition, consider poster announcements at cooperative employers, universities, libraries, and similar locations. If there is a local technical newspaper or appropriate website that will take such announcements, this can be very effective way to advertise. Also, consider public service announcements on local radio and in newspapers. Such publicity will become the primary duty of your Communications Chair.

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