FABBS Recruiting Members for District Science Lobby Week

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The FABBS Foundation welcomes nominations for the Early Career Investigator
Award, which recognizes early-career scientists of FABBS member societies (first 10 years post-PhD) who have made major contributions to the sciences of the mind, brain, and behavior. The goal of this award is to enhance public visibility of research in these sciences through the dissemination efforts of the FABBS Foundation’s science writer in collaboration with the member societies and award winners.

Nominations are encouraged for individuals who have made outstanding research contributions, especially those who have also increased awareness of science through outreach activities to the public (e.g., community talks, high school demos) or communication with the media (interviews, blogs, etc.). Nominees must be members in good standing of HFES. A 3-year rotation scheme of nominees has been established so that all FABBS member societies have equal representation of scientists who receive this award. An award will be given to one early-career scientist in each member society that participates, using a randomly determined rotation scheme. HFES may submit nominees for the 2013 award.

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