Systems Modeling Language v2 API and Services Request For Proposal

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Model – A model is a representation of a part of the function, structure and/or behavior of an application or system. A representation is said to be formal when it is based on a language that has a well-defined form (“syntax”), meaning (“semantics”), and possibly rules of analysis, inference, or proof for its constructs. The syntax may be graphical or textual. The semantics might be defined, more or less formally, in terms of things observed in the world being described (e.g. message sends and replies, object states and state changes, etc.), or by translating higher-level language constructs into other constructs that have a well-defined meaning. The (non- mandatory) rules of inference define what unstated properties can be deduced from explicit statements in the model. In MDA, a representation that is not formal in this sense is not a model.

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