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Taking into account MODAF alignment and appropriateness of use for the UK MOD and its suppliers in modelling, the following additional tools have been added to the list of MODAF convergent tools: METIS from Troux Technologies Artisan Real-time Studio Telelogic’s modelling tools suite comprising Tau, Rhapsody and System Architect IBM Rational Suite

The ultimate aim regards tools is that a tool certification process will be established and model interchange via UML/XMI proven. However, the timescales for the implementation of this process have yet to be set so the above policy regards the role of IA GL remains in place.

Please note that the UK MOD is not in a position to comment on the suitability from a user perspective on the relative merits of tools. In addition, inclusion on the list of MODAF convergent tools does not imply that a tool is authorised for installation and use on UK MOD networks.

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With the establishment of the MODAF project for the UK MOD, an interim tools policy was put in place by DEC(CCII), dated 1 Mar 05. This stated that, "given their existing employment and role in the definition of MODAF to date, only ISSE, MooD and System Architect can be considered as 'MODAF convergent' and are therefore approved for immediate use as de-facto standards for business and capability modelling. If a different tool is required the IA GL [Integration Authority Group Leader] will arbitrate".

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