Software Requirements Specification for Cafeteria Ordering System, Release 1.0

Keywords Software Requirements Specification for Cafeteria Ordering System Release 1.0
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A Patron is a Process Impact employee at the corporate campus in Clackamas, Oregon, who wishes to order meals to be delivered from the company cafeteria. There are about 600 potential Patrons, of which an estimated 400 are expected to use the Cafeteria Ordering System an average of 4 times per week each (source: current cafeteria usage data). Patrons will sometimes order multiple meals for group events or guests. An estimated 90 percent of orders will be placed using the corporate Intranet, with 10 percent of orders being placed from home. All Patrons have Intranet access from their offices. Some Patrons will wish to set up meal subscriptions, either to have the same meal to be delivered every day or to have the day’s meal special delivered automatically. A Patron must be able to override a subscription for a specific day.

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