The President’s New Clothes

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More recently, the central office staff explained that one of my first presidential duties is to write a Bulletin article describing my objectives. This is like getting to use the same homework assignment in two classes! But it’s also like having to parade publicly in emperor’s clothes of one’s own design. I’ll start with the same opening points I made to Council.

First, a year isn’t much time, so it’s better to keep the list short, stay focused, and have some chance of actually achieving one or two items, rather than pursue numerous grand ideas and end the year having accomplished none. Second, I’m largely a pragmatist, and perhaps for this reason the major needs I see for
HFES these days deal more with coordinating our outfits than pursuing fads.

So, my objectives are fairly down-to-earth matters that address needed improvements to our infrastructure. I think they dovetail nicely with initiatives Bill Howell has accomplished during his presidency and thereby provide valuable continuity in leadership direction, as well as leaving a healthier HFES for Barry Beith to lead after me. But let’s see what you think: Are these clothes well
tailored for HFES or more appropriate for a student who recycles homework?

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