CD 15288: Information Technology - Life Cycle Management - System Life Cycle Processes.

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The composition and nature of present day systems have changed. Almost every modern system contains, is modelled by, and/or is supported by computer technology. This increasing utilization of the computer and software has led to new opportunities but also to new problems. As a result, the combination of hardware, software and humans has increased system complexities to an unprecedented level. This necessitates a fresh viewpoint.
There are several factors contributing to these complexities. Some are due to the inherent differences among hardware, software and humans. Others are essentially due to a lack of harmonization and integration of the associated scientific and engineering disciplines. This situation has created difficulties in the management and engineering of systems. There is a definite need for a common framework that can be used to "speak the same language", permitting modern systems to be created, utilized and managed in an integrated, coherent fashion. This International Standard provides such a common framework.
The framework covers the life cycle of systems from the conception of ideas through to the retirement of a system. It provides the processes for acquiring and supplying system products and services that are configured from hardware, software and humans. In addition, this framework provides for the assessment and improvement of the life cycle.
The processes in this International Standard form a comprehensive set from which an organization may construct life cycle models appropriate to the product and service types and markets in which they trade in. An organization, depending on its purpose, can select and apply an appropriate subset to fulfil that purpose.

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