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Stakeholder Collaboration in Air Force Acquisition: Adaptive Design Using System Representations

[document] Submitted on 31 August, 2019 - 11:29
Keywords Stakeholder Collaboration in Air Force Acquisition: Adaptive Design Using System Representations
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1. Make system representations (SR) and adaptability part of acquisition
• Evaluate benefit vs. cost of SR during pre-contract planning
• Plan resources
o SR creation and modification
o Evaluation of potential changes
o Implementation of changes
2. Involve the operational user in the design phase
• Provide feedback on design based on unique knowledge of operational
• Provide integrated, up to date priorities (Note: a system representation gives
user representatives a mechanism to be productively engaged in design)
3. Create effective system representations
• Provide system level detail
• Provide coverage of stakeholder emphasis areas
• SRs are strongest at portraying visual emphasis areas: technical performance
(functionality), user interface and maintenance
• Analysis (computational assessments) helps with coverage of reliability,
development cost and life cycle cost
• SRs and analysis are effective as complements
4. Make effective use of system representations
• Once the contractor can make functionality visible, there may be value in
sharing a SR
• Make aspects of the design visible and provide opportunity for interaction
• More in-depth interaction and greater frequency leads to greater knowledge
sharing (balance against resource considerations)

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