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This Handbook describes the basic processes and provides general guidance for managing and implementing systems engineering throughout the life-cycle for all programs/projects/activities (PPA) managed at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) and executing the systems engineering processes employed at MSFC. Its intended use is for PPAs that provide aerospace products, technologies, data, and operational services (aeronautics, space, and ground). It also serves as an information source for PPA such as non-flight infrastructure, Construction of Facilities (CofF), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), and for research and analysis PPAs. The guidance contained in this document, while not required, documents proven best practices and approaches to systems engineering and is aligned with the NASA and MSFC policies and guidance for Systems Engineering.
Systems engineering principles and practices described in this Handbook apply to MSFC PPAs. Nevertheless, the emphasis of the document is to describe the systems engineering processes necessary for PPA development; therefore, in general, the document refers only to systems engineering.

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