Seilevel’s Evaluations of Requirements Management Tools: Summaries and Scores

Keywords Seilevel’s Evaluations of Requirements Management Tools: Summaries and Scores
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After completing the evaluation for all 17 tools, the research
team realized that there was not much weight given to
the modeling features as compared to the weight given
to the editing features. To illustrate this point, there may
have been six features related to basic editing functionality,
but only one related to creating models in the tool directly;
modeling, however, is at least as substantial a feature set
as editing. Effectively, it was determined that not all major
feature sets were equally weighted in the full criteria list so
summing the evaluation scores across all criteria would more
heavily weight the editing features. To address this issue, a
weighting was added to each criterion to better balance the
major sets of features across the evaluation. In the example,
if there were six criteria pertaining to a single edit feature and
only one criterion that applied to a modeling feature, and if
modeling and editing were deemed to be equivalent sizes of
functionality, then the six edit criteria would have a weight of
1 while the one modeling criterion would have a weight of 6.

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