Operating and Support Hazard Analysis

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The Operating and Support Hazard Analysis (O&SHA) is performed by the contractor primarily to identify and evaluate hazards associated with the interactions between humans and equipment/systems to ensure that procedures do not introduce new hazards. These interactions include all operations conducted throughout the lifecycle of the system. The purpose of the O&SHA is to perform a detailed systematic safety analysis that addresses hazards and risk applicable to the operation and support activities of a given system. It evaluates the effectiveness of controlling procedural hazards instead of only those hazards created by design. This encompasses operating the system (primarily procedural aspects) and the support functions (e.g., maintenance, servicing, overhaul, facilities, equipment, and training). The O&SHA may also be selectively applied to facilities acquisition projects to ensure that operation and maintenance manuals properly address safety and health requirements. The O&SHA is used to both identify new requirements and to support the verification and validation of existing requirements.

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