An Analysis of the Requirements Traceability Problem

Keywords An Analysis of the Requirements Traceability Problem requirements traceability pre-requirements specification traceability post-requirements specification traceability requirements engineering practice requirements traceability tools
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Increasing awareness of information
Studies have revealed what project information is required by those involved in the different phases of development [35]. However, our investigations show that it is not possible to generalise, as both the amount and type required will remain
subject to dispute. This issue is generally tackled by pre specifying the types and structure of information required to assist focused activities, like the gIBIS argumentation scheme for design deliberation [7], but such schemes do not consider the wider informational requirements of all potential RE activities.
RT models (as described in [50]), specifically aim to increase awareness of the various stakeholders' needs (primarily to inform the link types to maintain between different information), but use of such models will always be subjective.
Problems like these could be assisted through the introduction of dedicated job roles (e.g., independent project documentalist, to augment and unify contributions, encourage objectivity, etc.).

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