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Most of the systems engineering community recognizes MBSE’s ability to evolve, reuse and execute models is a significant improvement over the classic "document-based" approach’s static view of a system. These capabilities help to ensure a design of high quality. Good models can bridge the gap between written requirements and bending metal or writing code, the thing that is desired versus the thing that is delivered.
LML takes the principles of MBSE beyond the system development and production stages into the conceptual, utilization, support and retirement stages by providing a robust easy to understand ontology that allows one to model the complex interrelationships not only between system components but between those components and programmatic artifacts such as schedules and risk management plans using clear diagrams to express system information. LML was designed to integrate all lifecycle disciplines, including program management, systems and design engineering, as well as test, deployment and maintenance into a single framework. As a result, LML is a language that can be used throughout the lifecycle. LML uses common, everyday language to define its modeling elements such as entity, attribute, schedule, cost, relationship. It’s primary modeling constructs are the box which represents whichever part of the system that is necessary, and the directed arrow which depicts a relationship between modeled elements such as “consists of,” “derived from,’ “costs.” This simplicity allows everyone from the least technical stakeholder to highly skilled end users to model and understand systems of arbitrary complexity. LML becomes the Rosetta Stone that allows easy communications between disparate disciplines across multiple industries.

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