Systems Engineering Principles Revisited

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NCOSE presented SE principles on Jan. 21 1993. This was the final report of the SE Practice WG under the Subgroup on Pragmatic Principles (DeFoe 1993). It was consisted of 8 main principles , each of which has list of 5 to 12 sub-principles.
According to the editor DeFoe, the goal of this list of principles was not to outline the complete systems engineering process but to give a compilation of pieces of good advice from various sources. So the resulting list is rather a union than the intersection of the principles gathered. However, by combining the inputs and dividing them into eight main principles which addressing
common issues, the editor naturally summarized the essence of the Systems Engineering process into eight beautiful principles. Here I quote the main principles only. Those who are interested in the full list of principles may refer to the final report (DeFoe 1993).

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Making a short list of principles and repeatedly using them to various systems engineering problems from time to time may help us to handle the complexity and changes of the systems engineering environment. KCOSE has been established in KOREA in February 2002. Just as INCOSE tried to set up some principles on SE right after they established the council, KCOSE is now trying to set up its own SE principles so that its members can share a common perspective about what is SE, what is the value of SE, what is the core of the SE processes, etc. Here I report the first draft of KCOSE SE Principles with how we approached to this.

Myeong-Deok Han
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