The Incremental Commitment Model Process Patterns for Rapid-Fielding Projects

Keywords The Incremental Commitment Model Process Patterns for Rapid-Fielding Projects Software Process Modeling and Representation Software Process Guidelines Non-Developmental Item Net-Centric Services Rapid Fielding Rapid Applications
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This paper presents three new software development processes, for Architected
Agile, Use single NDI, and Services-Intensive, and one updated software
development process, NDI-intensive, which are extended from Yang and Boehm’s COTS-Based Application Development guidelines (CBD) [8] by applying the risk driven approach of the ICM and feedback from Bhuta’s empirical analysis on COTS interoperability assessment [9]. This paper also reports the current rapid-fielding software development process investigation and analysis, the decision driver of process pattern selection, and the software development process guidelines for 4 process patterns which are implemented and represented in terms of the electronic process guide.

This paper is organized as followed: Section 2 contains background information of the ICM, the differences between NDI and NCS, and USC Software Engineering
course. Section 3 provides information about the nature of rapid-fielding projects, process decision drivers, process selection graph, and the ICM EPG. Section 4 contains preliminary empirical project results on process selection and on the results of process usage. Section 5 provides conclusions and future work.

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University of Southern California
Supannika Koolmanojwong and Barry Boehm
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