Elements of an Effective Value Engineering Program

Keywords Elements of an Effective Value Engineering Program Federal Construction Council National Research Council and the National Research Council.
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Information on the current policies, practices, and views of the federal agencies represented on the committee regarding these factors was provided by the committee members. The information was reviewed and discussed at the committee and a composite picture of the range of agency policies and practices was developed. That composite is presented in three chapters that follow.

The Chapters cover the three main elements of a successful program: organization and staffing, policies and procedures, and continuity of support. It should be included that this report doesn't discuss the history or philosophy of value engineering or detailed procedures used in conducting value engineering studies since matters have been covered in depth in numerous other publications. A comprehensive list of books, reports, conference proceedings, and video tapes on value engineering can be obtained from the society of American Value Engineering can (SAVE), 600 S. Federal Street, Chicago, IL 60605.

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The Value of Engineering Concept was developed 45 years ago as a means of saving money without sacrificing quality over performance. It was first applied to construction about 25 years ago.

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