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We weren’t certain at the outset that this hypothesis would prove to be correct, but it turned out to be a useful organizing scheme. As you’ll see, we ended up
with three goals that can be characterized roughly ascommunication between teachers and students,among peers, and between HF/E professionals and the outside world. Interestingly, these goals are very similar to three in the original
Strategic Plan. The two that have been omitted involved articulating our profession’s boundaries, which has proven to be controversial and elusive, and enhancing HFES decision making, resource management, and member services, which we decided is no longer an appropriate part of the Strategic Plan.

BB: While we hope it will not be necessary each year to revamp the entire Strategic Plan, this was a useful exercise after six years and exemplifies the importance of reviewing and assessing the plan regularly to ensure that it reflects the needs of the membership and the changing world context within which it must function.

DP: I think interest in serving on Council will evaporate if we start revamping the entire plan every year! But getting back to our story: Finally, we continued the top-down design process by developing strategic objectives for each goal. This material is still subject to revision, so the final version may be a little different,
but it’s far enough along to be worth sharing.

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