Security Requirements Specifications: How and What?

Keywords Security Requirements Specifications: How and What? requirements security requirements security requirements

cheap, Internet-enabled devices: anything that costs more than 5 dollars will have its own IP address. The consequence of this ubiquity will be that many
interactions that were not previously mediated by computers will become so, and many items that we currently think of as products will become more like services. Here is a trivial scenario: you throw your shirt in the washing machine with a comment that it has a stain. Your shirt button is a computer and knows where you have been recently (it talks with the computers of the places you visit), so it is able to tell the washing machine where you had dinner. The washing machine contacts the restaurant and examines your order.

It determines that the stain is probably tomato sauce. It then contacts its manufacturer who downloads the best program and detergent choice for that
stain on that shirt (the button knows what type of shirt it is on). This technology may result in slightly cleaner shirts, but it will certainly result also in the recording and mining of much information that previously went unnoticed: each
of the computers involved in the scenario will send you a selection of advertisements for restaurants, tomato sauce, detergents, and shirts, and will sell news of your interest in these items to every other computer on the planet.

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