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Call Initiation 3-1 Provides the ability for calls from various access methods (e.g., telematics, wireless, instant messages/e-mail, VoIP, Teletypewriter/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf [TTY/TTD], wireline, event sensors) along with some “callback” and location-related information, to be delivered to the PSAP through the emergency services internetworks. Call Routing 3-2 Provides the ability for the call to be routed to the most appropriate PSAP based on caller and/ or event location and PSAP operational status. Provides the ability for the system to manage call treatment in overload, error, and out-of-service situations, including, but not limited to, dynamically rerouting to other suitable and available PSAPs, using interactive voice response,
providing a busy tone, or generating other automatic, informative replies to callers.

Provides the ability to deliver Essential and Supportive Call Data (i.e., location of caller and/or event, call-back number, call type, telematics data, etc.) along with the call to the appropriate PSAP(s). Call Back Ability 3-3 Provides the ability for the call taker to call back to the caller, regardless of device, in the event the original connection is lost, and/or circumstances warrant follow-up. Call back may occur either immediately or at some later point in time. Call-back information may not be a telephone number and may be for any nation or domain (as a result of roaming and nomadic operation). Interactive Call Processing 3-4 Provides the ability to receive a call (which may be a transferred call), along with necessary call data, and process that call as appropriate. Provides the ability to add and/or enhance delivered call descriptive data for the sake of improving call processing and emergency response. Provides
the ability to accept calls from, maintain calls with, and/or engage third parties in response to calls, where the third party may be able to contribute to the processing of the calls involved.

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