The Critical Need for Model-Based Systems Development (MSBD) Technologies Applied to Army Programs

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•The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) in conjunction with other DoD Agencies has produced “the wall chart” outlining standard phases in the life of a system from “cradle to grave” •These Phases each have “standard” activities and products associated with them and critical decision points or “gates” that must be passed •This is how we are supposed to do business and it is clear that there are a number of “V” like sets of activities in each phase. •The most notable “V” is that for the “Engineering Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase of product development (MS-B) as it is typically performed (or should be performed) •It all starts with a “needs statement” and then flows until the need is satisfied with a new system.

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•Introduction to RDECOM AMRDEC SED •Army/DoD Mission, Enterprise Structure, and the Nature of our Programs •Challenges for the Future of Army Programs •The issues associated with “decomposition” and “recomposition”, verification, qualification, and certification •Statement of Problem: The Four Systems and Some Significant Root Causes of Development Project Woes •Summary & Conclusion

Kerry Wagner
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