Part 3 – Application Programming Interface and Services

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Proposals for SysML v2 API and Services shall specify:

1. Platform-independent model (PIM) that specifies the services and the
operations provided by the API. Services are collections of operations. Inputs
and outputs of each operation shall be specified and be conformant to the SysML
v2 meta-model and resulting UML profile [SysML v2]. The platform independent
model shall be defined using an open standard, such as UML2 or
IDL, so that it can be used to auto-generate platform-specific bindings.
2. Mappings to bind the platform-independent model (PIM) to each of platform specific models (PSMs). The mappings shall be defined using an open standard,
such as QVT.
3. Platform-specific models (PSMs) as bindings of the PIM to OSLC 3.0 and one
or more commonly used technology platforms, such as, but not limited to, REST/
HTTP, Java, C#, Javascript, or GraphQL. The platform-specific models shall
also include API documentation for each of the services and their operations.
Proposals are also encouraged to leverage the latest industry standards and
technologies for API specification and cross-language code generation
(bindings), such as Apache Thrift, OpenAPI, and Swagger Codegen.

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