Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) Program

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Joint Test and Evaluation Program (JT&E). The program that provides quantitative operational test and evaluation (OT&E) information used for analyzing joint military capabilities and develops potential options for increasing military effectiveness. This program complements the acquisition process under DoD Directive 5000.1 (reference (c)). A JT&E is OT&E that brings two or more Military Departments or other Components together to:
3.1. Assess Service interoperability in joint operations and explore potential
solutions to identified problems.
3.2. Evaluate joint technical and operational concepts, and recommend
3.3. Increase joint mission capability, using quantitative data for analysis.
3.4. Validate operational testing methodologies that have joint applications.
3.5. Improve modeling and simulation validity with field exercise data.
3.6. Provide feedback to the acquisition and joint operations communities.
3.7. Improve joint tactics, techniques, and procedures.

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This Instruction reissues reference (a) as a DoD Instruction according to the guidance in reference (b). It updates the policies and responsibilities for the DoD Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) Program.

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