Do You Think Globally and Act Locally?

Keywords Do You Think Globally and Act Locally? HFES Bulletin Promote Networking and Awareness of Regional HFE Products control centers airline training centers software usability labs military bases hospitals museums university labs
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An important role for any professional society is to support the professional development of its membership. In meetings and newsletters, the chapter can provide a forum for discussions and presentations on research, services, products, or other professional activities. In addition to information
provided by chapter members, outside speakers can be invited to present topics of related interest. Chapters can get help to identify volunteer
speakers by contacting the HFES central office. It is often interesting when presenters address topics that may broaden our knowledge, such as the patent application process, HFE cost justification, or human factors resources on the Web.

Chapters can also sponsor or cosponsor technical meetings. Many chapters arrange tours to local points of interest. Good ideas for the types of facilities can be obtained from skimming the chapter activity descriptions in the HFES Directory and Yearbook. In 1999, for example, HFES chapters visited air traffic control centers, airline training centers, software usability
labs, military bases, hospitals, museums, and university labs.

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This article has one purpose – to get you
to think about your local HFES chapter and
whether you ought to be more involved in its

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