Task Analysis/Task Allocation Report

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e. All affected missions and phases including degraded modes of operation. Information on each task shall be provided to a level sufficient to identify operator and maintainer problem areas that can adversely affect mission accomplishment and to evaluate proposed corrective action. For each task, identify the:
(1) Information required by operator/maintainer, including cues for task initiation
(2) Information available to the operator/maintainer
(3) Decision making and memory loads required of the operator/maintainer
(4) Sense modalities required to successfully complete the task(s)
(5) Evaluation process
(6) Decision reached after evaluation
(7) Action taken
(8) Body movements required by action taken
(9) Workspace envelope required by action taken
(10) Workspace available
(11) Location and condition of the work environment
(12) Frequency and tolerances of action
(13) Time base
(14) Feedback to the operator/maintainer about the adequacy of actions taken
(15) Tools and equipment required
(16) Number of personnel required, their specialties, and experience
(17) Required job aids, training, or references
(18) Required communications (including type)
(19) Special hazards involved
(20) Operator interaction where more than one crew member is involved
(21) Performance limits of personnel
(22) Operational limits of machine and software
(23) Impact of operating equipment while wearing Chemical Biological Radiological gear

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The Task Analysis/Task Allocation Report is due to the government 30 days prior to program Preliminary Design Review (PDR) with one update 30 days prior to program Critical Design Review (CDR).

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