DoD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Management

Keywords DoD Modeling and Simulation Management Analysis and Evaluation
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.3. M&S management shall develop plans, programs, procedures, issuances, and pursue common and cross-cutting M&S tools, data, and services to achieve DoD’s goals by: promoting visibility and accessibility of models and simulations; leading, guiding, and shepherding investments in M&S; assisting collaborative research, development, acquisition, and operation of models and simulations; maximizing commonality, reuse, interoperability, efficiencies and effectiveness of M&S, and supporting DoD Communities that are enabled by M&S.

4.4. Common and general-use M&S areas shall be assigned to specific DoD Components. A DoD Component so assigned shall be designated the "DoD M&S Coordination Agent" for that M&S area. The current existing M&S Executive Agents (MSEA), created under the previous version of Reference (a) and grandfathered by DoD Directive 5101.1 (Reference (h)), shall be transitioned to become M&S Coordination Agents; their MSEA status shall remain unchanged
until that transition is complete.

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