Potential of Value Analysis For Reducing Waste Treatment Plant Costs

Keywords Potential of Value Analysis For Reducing Waste Treatment Plant Costs
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Value Analysis had not yet been applied to the construction of municipal waste treatment plants before our review. To determine the feasibility of the value Analysis technique for waste treatment Plant construction, we selected the plans and specifications of a commonly constructed plant, designed in 1972 with an estimated construction cost of $4.1 million, and submitted it to five ACEC- and AIA-Sponsored value Analysis workshops conducted from October 1973 through April 1974. The criteria for selecting the plant were that it had to (1) have been EPA approved, (2) have 2 to 10 million gallons a day (mgd) capacity, (3) use the activated Sludge process, and (4) be in the EPA region with the largest amount of construction grant activity.

The selected plans called for expanding and upgrading an existing plant that provides secondary treatment using an activated-sludge treatment process for 3mgd of predominantly.

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