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2.1 Motivation. This document was developed to address the appropriate mathematical and engineering practices during the materiel acquisition process for new military systems. Historically, these systems have required emergent technologies, and as such have presented a challenge in the upholding of system reliability standards. Thus, the guide aims to address the challenges presented through the application of techniques used to understand reliability concerns at the fundamental level, develop solutions to concerns as they arise, and validate the solutions as the design matures. The reliability concepts and methodologies presented within this guide have evolved from accepted commercial practice and actual application to Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force systems during their associated design and re-design lifecycles.
2.2 Scope. This guide is written as an overview for both the manager and the analyst. It extends coverage of the DFR process topics identified in GEIA-STD-0009 and expands upon the mathematical and engineering process steps required to ensure robust design. While this manual is intended to provide a general understanding of the concepts and principles required, and serve as an outline to robust design, it is not meant to be employed without project specific tailoring. When used in conjunction with project specifications, it should serve as a basis for identification and planning of the appropriate process steps that should be utilized during the design process thus improving the system reliability of fielded systems.
2.3 Organization. While the handbook has been organized by section title, it should be noted that many of the design practices covered are applicable at multiple stages of the design process. The six column matrix designed to relate the inputs and outputs of GEIA-STD-0009 is provided in Appendix A - SIX COLUMN MATRIX for review.

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