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The HFES Institute was established to promote the transition of human factors/ergonomics research into the practice and teaching of human factors/ergonomics. Since its inception, the development of American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/HFES and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards has been an important focus of the Institute. The following is a summary of some of the most recent activities of the Society’s Standards Committees.

Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstation Design (HFES 100). The BSR/HFES 100 was published in March 2002 as an ANSI Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSTU). The HFES 100 Committee, chaired by Tom Albin, is currently preparing status reports for each chapter based on comments received from users. These reports should be completed by the fall and will include proposed revisions and resources needed to complete the work. Human Factors Engineering of Software Interfaces (ANSI 200). The ANSI 200 Software Ergonomics Standard was prepared in five parts and will be published as an ANSI DSTU. In 2003, the HFES 200 Committee, chaired by Paul Reed, expects to publish three parts of the standard: “200.2 − Accessibility,” “200.3 − Interaction
Techniques,” and “200.5 − Interactive Voice Response.” Each section will have the “200.1 − Introduction” included with it for completeness. If response to these DSTUs is positive, the standard will undergo the canvass process and eventually be published as ANSI/HFES 200.

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