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The 50th anniversary should not only serve as a time to reflect on the history of system dynamics, but also mark the beginning of its future development; 2007 is both a golden anniversary and a year for planning the future. Moving forward, I hope we can start discussions, and through the Boston Conference, detail some actionable plans for the future development of both the Society and the field. If we pay attention now, we can make a difference in the development of system dynamics throughout the world. It is my goal as President to bring these plans together and help get us started on the exciting work of the next fifty years.
Our target should be to enable important applications that bring to all of humanity the highest possible quality of life. To do this we need to increase our ability to address the problems of complex systems and
thereby make system dynamics one of the most important analytical methodologies.
I think our plan for achieving this goal should, as a minimum, address the following topics:
* Gradually increase the balance in the Society between developed and developing countries. For example, in both China and India we should aim to have between 100 and 200 members within ten years. Longer term, each of these countries should have at least as many members as the United States.

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