Welcome to the Twin Cities

Keywords Welcome to the Twin Cities HFES Bulletin

Technical Tours A series of technical tours have been arranged that will offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about how HF/E is applied in different
occupational sectors of Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. The tours, which will be described in more detail in the Registration Packet, are as follows: 3M Visitor Display area, Office Ergonomics Solution Center, and Traffic Control Materials Division; Andersen Windows manufacturing plant; Ford Motor Company Pickup
Truck Body and Assembly Division; Honeywell Commercial Avionics; IBM User-Centered Design; Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems; Mayo Clinic Ergonomics Program Management; Northwest Aerospace Flight Simulation Training Facility; Orfield and Associates Environmental Research Laboratories; St.

Jude Medical; Seagate Technologies Disk Drive Assembly Plant; Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute; Target Corporation Usability Center; and University of Minnesota Ergonomics and Environmental Health Management.

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