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The annual meeting provides us with the opportunity to learn more about what our fellow members are doing, to strengthen existing ties with colleagues, and to make new connections. The hallway conversations, social events, and “birds of a feather” meetings all contribute to the level of energy evident at our
meeting. It is fun to hear my students tell me about the paper they heard on a topic relevant to their thesis project or a “famous” person they met at a poster session.

Students are the future of our organization, and it was heartening to see the large turnout at the Student Career and Professional Development Day on Monday, at the student reception, and throughout the technical sessions. Their enthusiasm is infectious. I also had the good fortune to interact with the many volunteers who make our Society run smoothly. Of course, we have a wonderful
staff in the central office, without whom we would be in dire straits. We must extend our sincere appreciation to Lynn Strother, Lois Smith, Carlos de Falla, Stefanie Alexander, Jeremy Loudenback, and Andrea Tomscanyi. However, we are a volunteer organization, and there are many people who invest a tremendous amount of energy, creativity, and passion into their service to the

I always knew that there were numerous volunteers, but becoming the president has made it clear just how many there are and how important they are. One of my goals as president is to try to recognize these individuals for their efforts and commitment.

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