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Control Flow Analysis

[document] Submitted on 2 June, 2019 - 11:58
Keywords control flow analysis flow analysis analysis
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Control Flow Graph (CFG) • Control-Flow Graph G = • Nodes(N):Basic Blocks • Edges(E):(x,y) ∈ E iff first instruction in the basic block y follows the last instruction in the basic block x –First instruction in yis the target of branch or jump instruction (last instruction) in the basic block x –first instruction of y is next after the last instruction of xin memory and the last instruction of xis not a jump instruction

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Implementing constant propagation
• Find an RHS expression which is a constant • Replace the use of the LHS variable with the RHS constant given that: –All paths to the use of LHS variable passes the assignment of the LHS variable with the constant –There are no intervening definition of the LHS variable

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