The Petri Net Method

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A transition is firable or enabled when there are sufficient tokens in its input places.After firing, tokens will be transferred from the input places (old state) to the output places, denoting the new state. Note that the EFTPOS example is a Petri net representation of a finite state machine (FSM).

A producer-consumer system, consist of one producer, two consumers and one storage buffer with the following conditions:
The storage buffer may contain at most 5 items;
The producer sends 3 items in each production;
At most one consumer is able to access the storage buffer at one time;
Each consumer removes two items when accessing the storage buffer

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First introduced by Carl Adam Petri in 1962.
A diagrammatic tool to model concurrency and synchronization in distributed systems.
Very similar to State Transition Diagrams.
Used as a visual communication aid to model the system behaviour.
Based on strong mathematical foundation.

Dr Chris Ling
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