Safety-Critical Systems: Processes, Standards and Certification

Keywords Safety-Critical Systems: Processes Standards and Certification analysis Design and Implementation of Reliable Software
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Computers are everywhere. However, the vast majority of computers are not the well known desktop or mainframe systems but tiny microprocessors embedded in everyday goods like microwave ovens or washing machines. Computers control the anti-locking brakes in our cars and the flight control systems of aircraft. The main difference between everyday desktop computers and embedded systems are the consequences of incorrect operation. It might be time-consuming to re-type text after the word processor has crashed, but imagine a crash of the computer that controls the engines of an aircraft. The operation of such a system has direct influence of the safety of its users or the environment and are called safety-critical systems. This paper discusses the current methods for ensuring that software for safety-critical systems is developed using appropriate processes and standards and can be certified

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