Understanding and Managing Uncertainty in Lean Aerospace Product Development

Keywords Understanding and Managing Uncertainty in Lean Aerospace Product Development
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The Toyota Production System (TPS) has been widely studied and emulated for its ability to efficiently provide customers with high quality products. Translating these lean manufacturing concepts to product development activities has proven to be difficult and there are still many unresolved issues with the measurement and classification of “value” that is created by various development tasks.
In product development, the stakeholders not only want a product delivered on time and within budget - they also seek assurance that the system will meet their full expectations.

The aerospace industry has a keen need to produce tangible evidence that quality and performance uncertainties have been eliminated. Therefore, one cannot discuss value creation in aircraft system development without an understanding of product uncertainty encountered on a typical program and the methods utilized to eliminate any associated risks so that the customer has total confidence in the product’s abilities.

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