The Art and Science of Product Design: An Interview with Terri Laurenceau

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Submissions may address products, software, or systems that
are purchased for use in the home, in the workplace, or while mobile.
They may include consumer, commercial, and medical products
but exclude military equipment or systems. The product or system being nominated must be operational and capable of being marketed with no more than minimal changes.

Products already on the market for more than three years will not be considered. Submit nominations for your own work or that of others. The nominee must be a member of HFES but does not have to be a member of the PDTG. If a team is nominated, at least one person from the team must be an HFES member. Nominations should be submitted in electronic form. Complete
submission requirements are available at the PDTG Website:

Submissions must include descriptions
of how the product or process meets the following judging
• Functional obviousness: On first impression, does the design
speak to the user in a way that makes the product appealing and
apparently easy to use?
• Ease of operation: How easy is it to learn and perform tasks in
various applicable usage modes (e.g., setup, normal use, failure
• Creativity/innovation: How is this product unique compared
with similar products? How do usability and styling take advantage
of product technology?
• Concept development: How was new user input created or past
user data applied to influence the product or system concept?
• Design: How were user data generated or used for specifying
design parameters or making design decisions?
• Evaluation: What was done to assess the usability of the product
design and the need for improvement? This could include iterative
assessments made during the design process or feedback
obtained in the market that could be used for subsequent versions
of the product.

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