Updating IEEE 1471: architecture frameworks and other topics

Keywords Updating IEEE 1471: architecture frameworks and other topics architecture frameworks Managing frameworks
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Terminology Maintenance: The revision is an opportunity to clarify terms, concepts and requirements that were not clearly expressed in the 2000 edition. Based on comments and questions about the standard and review of the
literature, the following terms in IEEE 1471 seem to cause confusion for some users: architectural concern, architectural model, and architectural viewpoint. WG42 will work within the ISO context to align its architecture-related terminology with other ISO vocabularies.

Scope of Application: The scope of IEEE 1471 is software-intensive systems. ISO SC7 has a wider charter of systems in general. The revision will investigate broadening the scope to match that of ISO SC7’s charter. Alignment with ISO life cycle models: IEEE 1471 was designed to be life-cycle neutral. The revision will retain this principle, but must also ensure its usability within the ISO life cycle process models (ISO 12207 for Software Engineering and ISO 15288 for Systems Engineering).

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The purpose of this working session is to solicit feedback
from the software architecture community for the revision of
IEEE Std 1471 (now also ISO/IEC 42010), to identify topics
ripe for standardization and to get reactions on current
proposals under consideration for the revision. This paper briefly outlines some of the revision proposals under consideration and provides some detail about one major area: architecture frameworks. The WICSA Wiki will be used to solicit participation,
capture discussions and insights, and organize the working
session. Findings and results from the session will then be
recorded there.

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