System Hazard Analysis

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The System Hazard Analysis (SHA) is a safety risk assessment of a system that analyzes the interfaces of a system with other systems, as well as the interfaces between the sub-systems of the system under study. The contractor-performed Sub-System Hazard Analysis serves as input to the SHA. The SHA should begin as the system design matures, at the preliminary design review or the facilities concept design review milestone, and should be updated until the design is complete. The SHA is used to both identify new requirements and to support the verification and validation of existing requirements.

The SHA is performed early in the lifecycle of a system, providing important inputs to the development of requirements in the early phases of system development. In the case of an operational system, it aids in the early determination of risk and the need for additional safety requirements for operational hazards. The output of the SHA will be used to develop systems safety requirements and to assist in preparing performance and design specifications. In addition, the SHA, as a basic hazard analysis, establishes the framework for follow-on hazard analyses that may be performed.

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