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Requirements Traceability

[document] Submitted on 14 August, 2019 - 08:00
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Conceptual Documentation Model
A conceptual documentation model describes representation entity types included in different software documents on various levels of abstraction of a software system and their relations. Besides the dependency and refinement relationships that can be taken from the conceptual system model, the conceptual documentation model includes representation relationships. Representation entity types and their relationships depend on the product model and description techniques chosen. The documentation model extends the description elements to allow unambiguous identification of each logical entity type.
It distinguishes mainly between types of:
• Documentation entities (e.g. system use cases of a system use case diagram,
or software design methods of a software design class diagram).
• Dependency relationships between documentation entity types at the same
abstraction level (e.g. each system use case must have an influence
relationship to an influenced actor). These relationships are derived from the
conceptual system model. Each relationship described for a logical entity type
must be true for a documentation entity type that represents the logical entity
• Refinement relationships between documentation entity types at different
abstraction levels (e.g. each system use case must have a refinement
relationship to a software use case). These refinement relationships are
derived from the conceptual system model.

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